Sardegna  is also the island of flavours, ancient flavours linked to the products of land and sea. Gastronomic traditions left by the Phoenicians and the Catalans characterize this land. Discovering this land, far from the industrial pollution you can find the ancient flavours: they are definite and rough in the inland zones, sunny and round at the scent of artichokes along the coasts.

Cheeses with a characteristic flavour, helped by an incontaminate nature, spontaneous aromatic herbs and colours of the mediterranean bush mark these pasturages  giving the milk a particular flavours; the ancient pastoral tradition about the use of the  curd of lamb or kid characterizes the flavours of cheeses of this land. There are the “Pecorino” and the “Fiore Sardo”: these are good to eat or to grate and if they are young they are good also to roast.

The “Ricotta” just made is very good on the bread “Carasau”, delicious in the typical sweets of the island, tasty with acacia or asphodel honey.

The sun, inebriating this land, characterizes the grapevines of the island: there are strong red wines like “Cannonau”, “Girò”, “Monica”, “Nieddera”, “Carignano del Sulcis” and white wines like “Nasco”, “Vermentino di Gallura”, “Vernaccia” all typical  wines with a definite taste.

The processed roe of mullet from Cabras (ORISTANO) is the most famous. It is obtained from the roes of the mullet between July and September when the roes are best developed. They are washed in see water, salted and let dry on an inclined plane to make the watery part go out. The seasoning lasts twenty – thirty days in a dry and airy place. With its gilded colour and its taste it is delicious with olive oil and chopped celery and it is very good if grated on pasta and rice.

The honey of Sardegna is produced on the island and it has got a particular flavour thanks to the climate and the flora. The most esteemed is the arbutus one with a pungent and slightly bitter flavour; there is also the thistle honey with a deep and spicy flavour, the asphodel one with a strong flavour, the aromatic and persistent eucalyptus, the perfumed and fruity orange.

Its particular taste is always present in the typical sweets of Sardegna like the “Seadas” (sweet ravioli stuffed with cheese and lemon, fried and then covered by honey) and the almond nougat of Tonara prepared  with honey almonds and eggwhite following an ancient recipe.

The extra virgin olive oil is produced in most of the island, in our region there is the one from the  volcanic hills of Montiferru, produced with olives “Bosana” and “Semidana” which are picked up at the right maturation and then cold squeezed so that they retain all the qualities. The strong fruity flavour has got bitter and spicy charatteristics which remind green olives and artichokes.

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